vintage jewelry

Cool Outfits I Thrifted!

Or, What this bitch over 30 is rocking like it’s her job. I admit that my blog schedule is sporadic, but I think that is because I tend to mire myself down with ideas that I have to blog about really heavy, meaty topics with broad ramifications for the entire community.  Then, I realize, “f*ck that […]

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tina fey

Simple Life Hacks For Urgent Care!

When I am not being the ultra-luscious pinup/vintage/writing goddess that I am, I spend my time thrilling the unwell masses with my superior bedside manner and unapologetically rapier wit.  It’s not all buttercream frosting and unicorn pheromones, though, and after a few relentless 12-hour shifts of hearing the same sob stories of mild discomfort and […]

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20 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30

This is the name of a pictorial blog on a website called, written by one Kallie Provencher.  Written is a strong word.  It was mostly a bunch of stock photos with some vanilla text that laid down a series of mandates regarding what is and is not appropriate for someone who is over 30 […]

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5 Things I’ve Learned As A Vintage Girl On Instagram.

It’s no secret that I love anything vintage.  I’ve made that abundantly clear.  I am part of a delightful community of lovely girls who enjoy full skirts, barrel rolls, brooches, and stacks of bracelets.  What I didn’t realize until after spending countless hours scrolling through Instagram is that there are a few less obvious earmarks […]

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Flea Market Finds

Rose Bowl Flea Market!

As I sit on my bed awaiting the arrival of former hurricane Odile, I think I shall regale everyone with my adventures of this past weekend! The original plan was to spend the weekend at Disneyland to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary by participating in Dapper Disney, but then good sense kicked in when I […]

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Les Miserables

Arizona Onstage Productions – Les Misérables Review

  I think that one of life’s greatest truths is this:  never attempt to perform anything from Les Misérables unless you can pull it off with surgical precision.  Any time I am forced to suffer through some pageant or high school choir that subjects its audience to a shambling, over-performed rendition of On My Own […]

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Vintage La Strada Shirt

All Hail The Thrift Gods!!

I did a little spontaneous thrifting, this evening.  That is really not a huge shock except that I honestly did not plan to leave the house.  It’s hot and miserable and I haven’t replaced my mascara from the pinkeye debacle.  We only went to two thrift stores, but I write this as giddy as a […]

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Phoenix Comicon 2014!

One of the coolest things about writing books about ghosts is, by far, the fact that I get to go to cool places and do cool things. Such was the case with Phoenix Comicon 2014.  This year, Patrick and I were asked to host a panel called Scare-Izona:  A Travel Guide to Arizona’s Spookiest Spots […]

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A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Oh, my gosh. So, my hubby was sorting through the documents folder on the computer and found a letter a wrote to my son’s 5th grade teacher.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but I absolutely hated this woman.  She was a horrible teacher and a horrible person.  My son hated her, […]

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Hope Intention Art

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

Especially if it is from someone who has shaken off their mortal coil. Perhaps I am already oversimplifying the very thing I’ll be showing you on today’s blog, but the idea is that it exists.  I’m sure you already know that I am deeply interested in the entire field of the paranormal.  Not in the […]

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