Popping In To Say “Hello!”

I realize that I’m almost completely swallowed whole by this writing ennui and I need to kick my own ass back into gear because I’ve gotten way too comfortable relying on my fall-back-on life and it makes me feel complacent.  My writing muscles have begun to atrophy, so consider this a bit of stretching: I [...]

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Dear Arizona:

You suck like a twenty dollar whore. So, Arizona is in the national spotlight, again, for making yet another in a long series of really terrible political moves.  This time it is a bill that would allow business owners to deny service to anyone they *believe* infringes on their religious freedom, which means that refusal [...]

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12 Day Of Thriftsmas WINNERS!!!!!!

I do hope everyone is having a splendid Thriftsmas season!  I am certainly enjoying the sunshine pouring in and the sounds of techno mashups eminating from my son’s bedroom.  Totes festive. Anyhoo, I know you are all champing at the bit to find out if you won, and the answer is…YES!!!!  I decided that since [...]

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vintage jewelry

12 Days Of Thriftsmas – GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m going to give away some sweet, sweet swag and all you have to do is share a link to this blog, or a link to my e-book, Thrift Stories:  Cool Sh!t I Thrifted, or both.  That’s it.  The more places you share it, the more entries you get.  To [...]

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I’ll Do Vintage Because I Damn Well Want To…

So, I just read an article (inspired by another article) from a “vintage” website – a huge one that rhymes with “shmeens of shmintage” – that actually tried to peddle some horseshit about how too much nostalgia is bad and people shouldn’t make comments on photos from the 1950s if they don’t know the exact [...]

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Garay Purse

I Can’t Believe It’s Almost Thanksgiving.

Which has nothing at all to do with this blog post, it’s simply a casual observation that I thought might make a fine blog title. Hello, folks!  These lengthy spaces between blogs make me feel like I’m ignoring all of my friends.  I’m not, I just get home from work way too late to blog, [...]

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I Realize This Is Kind Of Like Cheating…

But come check out the sweet, sweet article I got to write for The Buzz Media!  It’s about Halloween movies!!

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how bout no

So, I Did A Little Thrifting This Weekend…

FINALLY.  Jesus.  It felt like ages.  This is the part where most people would be like, “Sorry I haven’t blogged,” but I’m more of a “I’m working, deal with it,” kind of girl.  Let’s get on with it, shall we? So, for the last…I don’t know…six months or so, I have been working up a [...]

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Ghost Hunters Haunted By New Terror: CNN

When I read this article by John Blake, I was one of about a zillion people who were instantly pissed off.  Sure, some people took the “preach it, CNN” attitude, but I was not one of those people.  Why am I pissed?  I’m glad you asked. First, this subject matter is old news.  It is well [...]

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Steelers skirt

Sewing Success!!

Any of you who have read Thrift Stories:  Cool Sh!t I Thrifted will recall that I had declared myself a pitiful seamstress with exactly zero ability to sew anything except my own fingers to a length of fabric.  I’ve always envied the vintage bloggers whose blogs I frequent that have such amazing sewing skills.  They make [...]

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