Opposition To The Proposition…

You know, I would really like to know where in fresh hell all the GODDAMNED Proposition 100 money has gone.

Something IS rotten in Denmark.

You see, now there is another proposition being introduced in November that is asking voters to approve a half-cent tax increase for public safety.  Isn’t that part of what Prop 100 was covering?  Good luck getting voters to approve ANOTHER tax increase when we have seen exactly ZERO benefit from the first increase, and I don’t consider “status quo” a benefit.  For the record, I supported Prop 100 and even actively RALLIED for it.  I was the GUNGEST kind of HO I could be supporting the tax increase.

Now the department of public safety is threatening to lay off 100+ officers, stating that they are “putting our safety at risk”, IF we don’t approve this half-cent tax increase.  Given that that illustrates almost exactly the definition of extortion, I am going to go ahead and throw down the bullshit flag on that one.  While I “thank a cop” at every opportunity, almost twice as often am I seeing cop cars sitting “Adam 69” style while they chat with each other.  I also OFTEN see them throw on their lights just so they can “Streets of San Francisco” their way through a red light, using otherwise illegal traffic maneuvers.  Shave those few jokers off the top and problem SOLVED.

Let me ask another question:  While I whole-heartedly support the use of cameras at intersections to reduce the number of collisions, I wonder where the abundant revenue generated from that exercise is going, if it isn’t going to public safety.

The problem in this state isn’t a lack of funds; it’s a lack of integrity.

I have had personal experience on the “education funding” side of things, and in my short tenure have recently encountered what I believe is some shady, shady bullshit.  I’m not naming names or bandying about some unsupportable accusations, but suffice it to say that information has a way of finding me whether I am looking for it or NOT, and I have it on good authority that at least one certain person that is hell bent on making the world think they are swallowing a HUGE martyr pill is really just trying to save face from egregious mishandling, nay, EMBEZZLING of the very funds we are trying to generate only a few short years ago.  Seems to me such folks should be lucky they still have a JOB (another mystery) and STFU about their long list of “qualifications” and how butt-hurt they are about people thinking they aren’t up for the job.  In fact, why ARE these people still employed?  Do NOT piss on my leg, tell me it’s raining, and then steal my watch, okay?

The same “good authority” that gave me that juicy little nugget also mentioned that it has happened elsewhere and on more than one occasion with different unnamed individuals.  So basically, we have a network of gypsies, tramps, and thieves running rampant within the school system while simultaneously collecting a salary and benefits, and nobody is doing a Goddamn thing to stop it.  If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  Everybody is guilty of something, so nobody is willing to call anyone else out.  These are OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK, ACTIVELY SCREWING US.  It’s like paying someone to get a good, solid fisting, for crissakes.

There exists a huge hemorrhage within the system and I PROPOSE we shake it down from top to bottom, starting with our esteemed seat-filler, Jan Brewer.  She is the biggest offender of all – making up bullshit about her father being in WWII, pushing this ridiculously unconstitutional immigration law to line the pockets of the private prison system, refusing to speak to the press when asked to be accountable for her shenanigans.  Maybe she should voluntarily cut back her $100,000 a year salary to help offset the budget crisis that we have.  In fact, if you work for the state of Arizona and you make that much money, you are highly overpaid against a system that is failing miserably and therefore cannot support funding useless figureheads.

Senor Wences with Governor Jan Brewer

I am beginning to believe that the money is there; it’s just being hoarded and doled out only when the scent of negative attention wafts by.  I mean, there is a REASON that Arizona consistently ranks DEAD LAST in a list of “smartest states.”  Does that not concern anyone else?  We are the state with the least motivated teachers, the stupidest kids, and the least amount of funding.  The only thing kids are taught is how to pass the AIMS test – the test which is used to establish funding.


So, I guess in summation, we, as a state, need to get our heads out of our asses and start thinking beyond our next move.  If we had a better educational ranking, it would entice a higher quality of resident to move here, bringing with them better companies, better jobs, better TEACHERS, and overall greater opportunity.

OR, we could just keep suckling off of each other’s dried up teats in an unending daisy chain of jumblefuckery…I guess it’s really up to the voters.

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4 thoughts on “Opposition To The Proposition…”

  1. We pay a lot of taxes, sales and local here in Cottonwood…a lot! I hope to God these taxes are going to help schools but probably the monies will be made more available next fiscal school year? I think it takes at least one fiscal year to decide HOW the generated tax revenues are doled out..I think it would be prudent to do so but maybe I am too rational a thinker to think responsibly.

    I agree Katie, our kids are suffering in Arizona, as well as in Los Angeles school systems and a lot of school systems in Southwest US. Since the passage of Prop 13 in California, other states followed suit post Prop 13. Local communities/school systems were cut off from property tax generated revenues…

    In conclusion, even if property taxes were reinstated for local schools, the depressed property values, unemployment, economy, etc..would probably negate plus side monies for city schools..

    Its sad Katie, really sad but monies for our schools will probably never be there like when I was a kid or even when my daughter was a kid, and she is 35. Like most things with this economy, cutbacks and reorganization will be a fact of life and the American Dream is being redefined as we speak via electronic transcription.

  2. OMG, and I didn’t even MENTION the school bus issue…the district has cut school buses except for special needs kids, so the buses that you see on the road – instead of being filled with kids, they are carrying at MOST like 10 kids on a tank of gas. The rest of the kids are being given city bus passes…that is an UNNECESSARY waste of resources…we should be using the buses for ALL the kids and not waste EXTRA money on city bus passes…


    1. Yeah that is a waste of city school funds as it depersonalizes the school bus experience as Sun Tran drivers are not equipped nor trained to deal with a lot of school kids…and with today’s news of a 16 yr old getting stabbed on a Sun Tran Bus, (in Tucson) I’m telling ya that’s a powderkeg ready to explode. School kids need personalization and routine, I never had a school bus driver, I walked to school and loved it but today, kids are endangered with such activities.

      Catch-22 Katie..we’re damned if we do and we’re damned cause there are few alternatives..I say, clean up the friggin’ streets and let our kids walk to school again…Let our kids feel safe enough to do so, the parents to have peace of mind…

      am I dreaming, yep!!!

  3. Why does politics *SO CONSISTENTLY* attract powerhungry assholes?

    Because it’s a system of power, for power, by power. And we all know what power does to people.

    Here’s the latest fuckup running (and probably winning) for Senate: Jeff Greene.

    I think being a politician requires: selective memory, complete lack of shame.

    I wonder why people participate so little in politics or when you ask about it, their reply usually is “I don’t care” — cause the majority of it is twisted convoluted back-scratching reach arounds and the decent parts of it… is usually surrounding some inconsequential thing worth no money.

    Decent folks can’t survive in high-end politics. It either changes you or kills you me thinks.

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